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The Kirby Ferris Archive

Kirby Ferris is an author of JPFO articles, and so you can easily make sure to find and read them all we provide an index to help you.

The Enemy Within
The 2005 movie “Lord of War” opens with lead actor Nicholas Cage standing in a street littered with spent shell casings. He turns and speaks to us with droll sincerity ........ Read more

More Comments on the NRA and the McDonald case
Discontent with the NRA’s involvement in the upcoming, and immensely crucial, Supreme Court case McDonald vs. City of Chicago continues to be directed to JPFO ........ Read more

Incoming opinions on NRA’s elbowing in on the Mc Donald Case
We’ve had some heated commentary on our most recent alert (article below) regarding the NRA’s blatant intrusion into the upcoming landmark case of McDonald vs. City of Chicago ........ Read more

The NRA elbows its way into the McDonald Case
One wonders if NRA members should be proud of their organization’s apparent newfound fiduciary conservatism. The so-called “premier” gun rights organization has now managed to finagle its way into the spotlight after someone else’s sweat and money rented the hall, built the stage, and set up the sound system ........ Read more

Will Your Gun Rights Live or Die?
Between today and March 2nd could be as perilous for America as the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
Please come read our latest alert article, by Kirby Ferris - "Will Your Gun Rights Live or Die?" ......
Read more

Are You Guarding the Guardian
There are two basic ways to destroy and remove a ten story building: From the top down … or from the bottom up. By blowing up the foundation, the entire building can be brought to earth in a huge heap. It’s a chaotic event, and leaves a grotesque pile of twisted rubble to clean up. But it works. Think of our Bill of Rights as a ten story building. Understand that the 2A is the foundation of that building. ...... Read more

The Big One
The creeping incrementalism of "Gun Control" has been at work for decades and has gradually eroded many aspects of firearms ownership.  All that is now required to complete the series is one final big push - "The Big One", with all previous restrictions rolled into one plus the addition of registration and a second and more draconian "Assault Weapons Ban"...... Read more

Wisconsin's Top Criminal
The seeming blatent disregard for a ruling on open carry in Wisconsin is demonstrated by a top member of Milwaukee law enforcement. Kirby Ferris has written a commentary about this in his latest article which makes for decidedly 'interesting' reading ..... Read more

"The Voodoo High Priestess Of "Gun Control"
Kirby Ferris writes concerning the "High Priestess", Dianne Feinstein - and her plans to bide her time until she feels that the time is ripe - and then - “I’ll pick the time and place.” - to bring in her much sought after new Assault Weapons Ban ..... Read more

Signs of Things to Come?
The relatively recent Oakland, California shooting of four police officers by an illegally armed felon on parole, and using a semi automatic rifle, fell short of the “gun control” crowd’s more comfortable formula. It was already illegal for the paroled felon in Oakland to be in possession of any kind of firearm.... Read more

Is There Still Time?
Like most of you, I must confess I never thought that what is happening today, in our nation at this very moment, would occur in my lifetime.Many of us have nursed a foreboding that it would be the task of the next generation to deal with what we face now ........ Read more

We Warned You
Samson, Alabama: A white male, with semi-auto rifle, goes on a shooting spree. At last report, all the UNARMED victims were white. Note the hierarchy of probability: White “lone gunman” shooting UNARMED white victims. Review the reasoning ....... Read more

Why Gun Confiscation May be Good for You
A tongue-in-cheek look at gun confiscation -
Let’s take a look at the silver lining in the cloud that is gun confiscation.
Try to remember: nothing is all bad. Economics are a big consideration. Black market guns will likely be cheaper than they were at the gun shop or sporting goods store. And no more serial numbers on guns or any of that silly paperwork to fill out ....... Read more

Not Now, Eric
Barack Hussein Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder naively blurted out the other day that he was going to lead the charge to get the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” reinstated. Mind you, civilian ownership of “assault weapons” (by definition fully automatic firearms) has been legally forbidden to nearly all civilians since 1934 ........ Read more

Is JPFO Too Radical?
The following words are prominently posted on JPFO’s home page. Perhaps you could call it a “mission statement”.
“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Barry Goldwater 1964 ...... Read more

You Know it's Coming
Presently in this country, an objective observer would have to acknowledge that a distinct (but far too quiet) majority of Americans do not want any further “gun control”. However, this “soft” opinion is malleable. It can be wondered too, do the gun grabbers need an event, a gory spectacle, to fuel their wish list of draconian legislation ...... Read more

Know Thine Enemy
Kirby prefaces an archive article originating from Gus Cotey - an incisive analysis of the seven types of gun control advocate.  Read this and recognize these categories and so be better prepared to identify them and form your strategy for keeping your Second Amendment rights ...... Read more

The Hidden Weapon of "Gun Control" Advocates
For decades gun owners have shaken their head in wonder as lie after lie from the gun grabbers results in more and more anti firearms ownership legislation. We can conservatively estimate that there are at least sixty five million gun owners in America today. That is an immense “interest group”. And yet, gun registration (and outright confiscation) schemes have never, in the entire history of our nation, loomed so ominously on the horizon. ...... Read more

"It'll Never Happen Here"
Gun owners now face what appears to be the seeming inevitability of nationwide gun registration and ammunition registration. Many longtime pro-gun advocates, even in their most fitful dreams, had not foreseen the immensely somber showdown we are confronting........ Read more

What's Wrong With This Picture?
Proponents of “gun control” are screaming bloody murder over Democratic New York Governor David Paterson’s appointment of little known Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton in the United States Senate.   Now get this: The NRA gives Democrat Congresswoman Gillibrand an “A” for her anti “gun control” stances. This is weird ........ Read more

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