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July 22nd 2010

Aaron Zelman interviews author Orlando Martin. - Aaron learns about the subject of Orlando's new book - "JFK, Analysis of a Shooting" (web site The book investigates some intriguing aspects of the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22nd 1963 and in particular the number of shooters involved. He finds very clear evidence not only of cover up and falsification of facts but considers the part Oswald played to have been far different from what the record states - not quite the 'Lone Gunman'. Some very interesting theories emerge.

(Note - some comment received concerning the interview's subject matter.)

May 23rd 2010

"Armed American Radio interviews Aaron Zelman " - Aaron
joins Mark Walters of United States Concealed Carry Association to answer some questions - in particular matters concerning the racist aspects of "Gun Control", as portrayed within the ground breaking film "No Guns for Negroes".  Also he discusses the effectiveness of "The Gang" movie regarding the BATFE, and the award winning Second Amendment film "2A Today for The USA". The UN Small Arms Treaty also gets some deserved attention. (Interview extracted from one hour program segment).
  • MP3 file (23½ mins - 11Mb)
  • Transcript - sorry, not available.

October 6th 2009

"Interview with Rabbi Dovid Bendory " - Aaron Zelman
interviews Rabbi Dovid Bendory, who has produced a two part CD lecture titled "The Ten Commandments of Self defense", which includes a study guide and deals with numerous sources exploring the issues surrounding self defense from a Jewish perspective. The CD's are available from the JPFO Store. You can also read the full introduction to "The Ten Commandments of Self defense"

August 6th 2009

"Interview with Doug Friesen - Part One " - Aaron Zelman talks with attorney Doug Friesen - victim of BATFE abuse. Because he happened to represent certain BATFE and LE perceived "undesirable" motor cycle clients, he became a target to effectively be framed. It took almost five years for charges to follow a search where he had a legally registered machine gun  - just 10 days before the statute of limitations ran out! JPFO's "The Gang" movie played an important roll in his successful squashing of the case. (Note - further information on the case, added late Aug 2009.)

August 6th 2009

"Interview with Doug Friesen - Part Two " -
The second half of this interview.

May 12th 2009

"Interview with Len Savage" - This Talkin' to America interview has Aaron Zelman talking again with Len Savage, of Historic Arms. The federal courts have created new opportunities for every government agency to to DESTROY your life. We suggest you put the world on hold and listen to our interview and read the court's rejection of the Olofson appeal.

March 30th 2009

"Interview with Len Savage" - Our latest Talkin' to America interview has Aaron Zelman talking once more with Len Savage, of Historic Arms. We learn even more about the BATFE lack of consistency in testing standards as well as their attempts to, even themselves, make a legal weapon into a machine gun so as to fabricate evidence for a criminal charge.

February 20th 2009

"Interview with Mark Spungin" - Aaron Zelman talks with Mark Spungin about his novel - "Neither Predator nor Prey" - set in Wyoming it tells a story about the reaction by a small percentage  of gun owners, to a nationwide ban and confiscation of firearms.

February 17th 2009

"Stimulous" - Aaron Zelman, was taping another Talkin' to America interview, when the sound engineer provided a copy of a faux commercial that puts the much heralded "stimulus" into proper perspective. You should find it amusing! It was signed in Denver CO this day 2/17/09.

December 7th, 2008
Interview with Bob Meier - Aaron Zelman interviews Bob Meier, trader and analyst, who speaks about the economic big picture both in America and globally.  He also explores other matters such as the current trend towards interventionism and facism, the effects of drug restrictions fuelling the gang culture and building a police state - and much more.
  • MP3 file Part One (29 minutes, 10MB)
  • MP3 file Part Two (26 minutes, 9MB)
  • Transcripts - not available.
November 19th , 2008
An Interview with Leonard Elliot - Our latest Talkin' to America interview is Aaron Zelman interviewing Leonard Elliot of the Bacon Creek Gun Shop, a victim of BATFE abuse and treachery, about his successful court case.

November 14th , 2008

JPFO's new Film - "2A Today for The USA" - Our latest Talkin' to America interview is Aaron Zelman talking with G. Gordon Liddy ( this film and the importance of it reaching out as far as is possible, while the second amendment is ever under even more threat.

July 18th , 2008
The "GovCrims" of the American Terrorist Force (ATF) - Our latest Talkin' to America interview with Len Savage by Aaron Zelman - highlighting the many BATFE illegalities and abuses and in particular the more recent Olofson case.

March 12th , 2008
Is "The Individual Right" theory in Heller vs. DC a bad idea? - Our latest Talkin' to America interview with Edwin Vieira, Jr. author and attorney, will give you a different perspective on the Heller case.

January 10th, 2008

Interview with Len Savage. Aaron Zelman talks to him about a new BATFE tactic, to take millions of firearms from decent and lawful gun owners.
(See documents on this case)
December 11, 2007
Interview with Len Savage. Aaron Zelman talks with him about BATFE errors and vindictiveness.
August 23 , 2007
Interview with Musician Matt Fitzgibbons, producer of patriotic music.
August 16 , 2007
Follow-up interview with Ryan Horsley,
owner of Red's Trading Post and victim of BATFE harassment.

July 24, 2007
Interview with Hollis Wayne Fincher,
of the Militia of Washington County, Arkansas. In today's interview we speak to Hollis Fincher just prior to his return to prison for BATFE violations.

July 2, 2007
Declaration of Independence,
Downloadable reading of the Declaration of Independence. Free for use and distribution for noncommercial purposes.
May 31, 2007
Interview with David T. Hardy,
attorney, author, and scholar. In today's interview we discuss the famous Parker decision, in which a DC federal court ruled that the Second Amendment is an individual right.
May 22 , 2007
Interview with Ryan Horsley,
owner of Red's Trading Post. Firearms dealers must listen and learn more about the evil they are confronted with. Send this interview to every dealer you know. The only true way to stop these arbitrary actions is to abolish the '68 Gun Control Act and the BATFE. The tool that is needed is on its way: "The Gang"
January 5, 2007
Interview with David Codrea,
author of the online blog "War on Guns"
December 19, 2006
Interview with David Hardy,
producer and director of a new documentary, In Search of the Second Amendment, that will help all of us in helping others understand the true meaning of the Second Amendment.
July 14 , 2006
Interview with Richard Celata: Owner of KT Ordnance. Celata, who was recently raided by the BATFE, FBI, and the Canadian ATF (!), describes his experiences.

June 27 , 2006
IsraelNationalRadio.Com interviews Aaron Zelman, Executive Director of JPFO

May 25 , 2006
Interview with Richard Lucibella: Publisher of SWAT Magazine

May 8 , 2006
Experiences with the BATFE Part II: an update with Len Savage: firearms designer, president of Historic Arms LLC, expert witness for firearms issues, and dedicated freedom fighter for the Second Amendment.

May 4 , 2006
"Recipe for an American" Inspirational speech to download and distribute. Read our alert about it at . For more on our "Government Keep Out" series of speeches, go to

April 19, 2006
"Government, Keep Out!" Inspirational speech to download and distribute. Read our alert about it at . For more on our "Government Keep Out" series of speeches, go to

April 6 , 2006
Interview with Jerry Hughes: The host of Straight Talk, heard daily on the Accent Radio Network, Jerry will be discussing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

March 30, 2006
Interview with Revolutionary War Veterans Association ( Fred of Fred's M14 Stocks is one of the founders of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA), which is implementing its "Apple Seed" Rifle Program.

March 14 , 2006
Interview with FIJA: The mission of the Fully Informed Jury Association is to inform all Americans about their rights, powers, and responsibilities when serving as trial jurors. Learn your rights!

January 25, 2006
Interview with James Bovard: One of the leading spokesmen for freedom in America, Bovard has penned numerous books, including Lost Rights, Terrorism and Tyranny and his latest offering, Attention Deficit Democracy (click the link for our special offer!). His sharp wit, profound insights, and meticulous research make all of his works "must-haves" for any freedom-lover's bookshelf.

December 14, 2005
An Interview with Tim Schmidt: Tim Schmidt is Executive Director of the United States Concealed Carry Association ( and publisher of Concealed Carry magazine.

November 1, 2005
Experiences with the BATFE : an interview with Len Savage: firearms designer, president of Historic Arms LLC, expert witness for firearms issues, and dedicated freedom fighter for the Second Amendment.

October 24, 2005
Martial Law in America an interview with Lt. Col. Craig Roberts

  • MP3 file (28 minutes, 11 MB)
  • Author Notes (note that the interview is based roughly on this article; transcript not exact)

October 19, 2005
Gun Control = People Control an interview with author William Tonso

October 3, 2005
Living with Terrorism: Survival Lessons from the Streets of Jerusalem an interview with Israeli Police Civil Guard Sniper Instructor, Attorney & Author Howard Linett (please note that this interview took place via phone line to Israel; as a result, there is some intermittent static during the interview).

September 9 , 2005
The Law - You may never again say, "Just enforce the laws we already have!" An interview with attorney & author Richard W. Stevens

ADDENDUM: Mr. Stevens requested we add a link to a video made in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (Sorry - that link has expired) - we can tho provide this NRA video on the same matter. Says Mr. Stevens, "This is a perfect example of 'law enforcement' -- soldiers 'just following orders' against their fellow Americans whose only error is to not want to leave their dry homes, and who want to defend their homes against looters." Also recommended, Peggy Noonan's "The Scofflaw Swimmer."

August 29, 2005
Brady Denials: When the Government Says You Can't Buy a Gun, What Can You Do? - An interview with attorney & author Cindy Hill

August 12, 2005
Sniper's Eyes (How Terrorists Can Kill Millions of Americans) - An interview with author Terry Riebling

August 5 , 2005
When is the Right Time to Shoot in Self Defense? - An interview with author Chuck Klein

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