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Red's Trading Post

Red's Trading Post is Idaho's oldest gun shop. It's also currently a target for the BATFE. In court documents filed in an effort to shut Red's down, the agency exaggerated minor paperwork errors while hiding other relevant information.

But Red's is fighting back. In addition to the coverage JPFO has provided on this outrageous case, Red's has taken out ads in both radio and print to publicize their plight, and numerous articles are being written in their local papers. Red's will also begin blogging their experiences, and owner Ryan Horsley has been invited to appear on the area's biggest talk show.

Recently Red's won an injunction to keep their business running. After Ryan appeared on our "Talkin' to America" program to tell his story, Red's was audited AGAIN the next day by ATF agents, including an area supervisor. Said the agents, "We'll do this again and again and again..."

News Articles

An Open Letter from Bill Akins of Akins Accelerator

Adding Insult to Injury

'Blog' Puts Fear Into Gun Shop Inspectors

New Gun Control: Shut Down Shops

Red's Targeted Again by ATF
(read PDF printout of article here)

Deja Vu All Over Again at Red's
(read PDF printout of article here)

At Least 1 New Violation at Red's Trading Post: ATF Enters Day 2 of New Audit
(read PDF printout of article here)

Press Releases & Updates

Red's Update #1

Red's Update #2

Red's Update #3

Online Petition


Sept 19, 2007 BATFE "Responds" to SBA Concerns

Aug 17, 2007 Follow-up Interview with Red's Trading Post

July 26, 2007 BATFE to Red's: Stop Exposing Us!

Jun 14, 2007 Gang Premieres to Full House

Jun 12, 2007 Gang Premiere in Twin Falls, Idaho

Jun 8, 2007 More on Red's Trading Post

Jun 6, 2007 Red's Trading Post to Show The Gang

May 22, 2007 Talkin' to America Interviews Red's Trading Post

May 3, 2007 Follow-up to Red's Trading Post Injunction

April 6, 2007 Help Keep Idaho's Oldest Gun Shop Alive!

March 21, 2007 BATFE Killing Idaho's Oldest Gun Shop


Red's Website:

Red's Blog:

David Codrea's Blog on Reds

Interview with Red's Trading Post




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