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Merchandising, and Combined Savings


Free - Copy of "2A Today for The USA " DVD with all Orders or Memberships of $25 or More. A selection of 2 year membership or renewal will gain the 2A film and also a copy of "No Guns for Negroes'' as well.

Do copy and distribute widely the high quality versions of the films (non commercial use only)

New - JPFO offers "Dustar Knives", the choice of many in the Israeli Defense Force. Visit store here.

The JPFO "Conversation Starter" mug with options to buy at a discount with some film orders. Visit store here.

JPFO is offering a great discount on "Innocents Betrayed" and "The Gang" films. Buy a 6 quantity and copies are $12 each, total $72. Buy a 12 quantity and copies are just $10 each, total $120. Shipping included to USA.

It occurs to us that a few people may like to consider mixing their order and so to accommodate that we have added a Special Order Page where a choice can be made and detailed in the cart comments section.

(Offers are non combinational)


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