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JPFO - Mission and Member Benefits


JPFO's Mission: to destroy "gun control" as an intellectually respectable position.

Membership in Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) is open to ALL law abiding firearms owners who believe that ownership offirearms is a CIVIL RIGHT, not a privilege as a drivers license is. The annual dues are $25.00 for one year ($40.00 for 2 years) and is deductible to the fullest extent of the law from your Federal Income Tax. The fact that we are a Jewish organization enables us to criticize Jewish Leaders such as the Anti -Defamation League and Elie Wiesel who support prohibition of civilian ownership of firearms. JPFO can criticize these people and organizations without fear of being labeled anti-Semitic. We also attack non Jewish gun prohibitionists such as Sarah Brady and Dianne feinstein whose falsehoods erode the Constitution's protections that are most vital to all Americans. JPFO is a non profit educational organization that uses intellectual research in the fight to destroy "gun control."

Currently (2009), we are giving away a free copy of "2A Today for The USA" DVD with a one year membership.  With a 2 year membership ($40) we are giving not just the "2A Today for The USA" DVD but also a copy of the "No Guns for Negroes" DVD as well.

We are offering all of the above by simply becoming a member of JPFO,which is $25.00 per year. That comes to 0.07 cents per day. Remember, your financial contributions to JPFO are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

To become a member, go to: Membership Information, There you will see a printable member application, along with info on membership. There is also an option for using our Secure On-Line Application. Membership IS open to ALL Law abiding citizens.

Unless we build a strong membership, and show that "gun-control"is a very evil public policy, "gun-control" will prosper. Andthe American gun owner will, slowly, be erased.

As stated, our members also receive the Firearms Sentinel quarterly, past issues have included:

The Battle of Athens Tenn. This article explains how McMinn County residents took up arms against a corrupt local government. This did not happen in the Colonial Era, it occurred in 1946. Some World War 2 vets were concerned about the way elections were controlled and decided to run candidates. When the local political bosses saw that they were going to lose they tried to steal the ballot boxes. This is when the shooting started. A synopsis of this article may be found at this Web Site.

JPFO has now published several books as well as producing ground breaking videos.  To review all that is available visit our page on movies and books. To see the details on JPFO's very popular Gran'pa jack books we have a dedicated separate page.

We will press our offensive against all those who, by disarming thelaw-abiding want to make life easier for criminals or to reduce obstaclesto a genocide as happened in Nazi Germany during the 1930's. If you agree then JPFO is for you!


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