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Innocents Betrayed
Package Illustration From Our New Documentary Film
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"Innocents Betrayed ... shows why gun control must always be rejected." --Rep. Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman (Texas, 14th District)

"I am thrilled to see a production that for once doesn't dance around the real heart of the gun control debate." -- Suzanna Gratia Hupp, Member, Texas House of Representatives

"This is KILLER truth ammo!!" -- Ted Nugent

"A stellar achievement." -- David Kopel, Research Director, Independence Institute


Innocents Betrayed was awarded a Bronze Telly in the history/biography film and video category. The Telly Awards are given every year for the best achievements in local, regional, and cable television and in non-broadcast film and video. These are worldwide awards, recognizing the best in film and video production, wherever they may have been produced.

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Does Civilian Ownership of Firearms Actually Do Any Good?

View the Introduction to Innocents Betrayed

To download the movie file of the introduction to Innocents Betrayed to your computer, click the link with your RIGHT mouse button, and select the "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." option (depending on your web browser). Then tell the browser where to put the file on your computer.

Film clip in Real Media format
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Film clip in QuickTime format
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Film clip in Windows Media Player format [file size is 840-964-bytes] Here on JPFO if you want to view - FLV format.

After saving the movie file on your computer,
open the file with the movie viewer for that format.

If you still think it "can't happen here!" you may wish to listen to this fascinating audio inteview, which explores the work and legacy of Stanley Milgram. Milgram was the noted social psychologist who shocked the world with the results of "The Milgram Experiment", proving just how easily ordinary men and women can become mass murderers.

The interview guest is Thomas Blass, professor of psychology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and author of The Man Who Shocked the World: The Life and Legacy of Stanley Milgram. Click here to listen to this 98-minute interview in streaming RealPlayer media (12Mb). Also here on JPFO as an MP3 file (17Mb).

Where to get the movie viewers:

You can download a free copy of the Real Media movie viewer (now called RealOne) from Click the link "Download the Free Basic RealOne Player" located in the grey area on the right side of that web page. After you have downloaded the file (which is 8,352,936-bytes in size), run it to install the player. Then use the player to open the film clip file.

You can download a free copy of the QuickTime movie viewer from

Windows Media Player is part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

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