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Original and public-domain freedom-oriented music FREE for download


Contribute your own music!

These files are in MP3 format and unless otherwise specified are copyrighted by their respective perfomers. They are free to download and distribute freely for non-commercial purposes.
(PC users - right click on link and ''save target'' to download a copy)

(These media files are not all on our mirror site)

NEW - You now have the option to listen to these sound files directly here on JPFO - just go to our player page.


Jeremy Zelman

New - Luca Zanna

Recent -

Marvin Wright

  • "G-d, Guns and Guts". (2.3Mb)
    You've seen the bumper sticker - now listen to the music.
    (copyright 1989 Marvin Wright)

Larken Rose
Rockne Van Meter

  • Justice Day(classic rock version) (2.4MB)
    (copyright 2005 Claire Wolfe & Aaron Zelman)

Opium War

  • Justice Day(heavy metal version) (4.5MB)
    (copyright 2005 Claire Wolfe & Aaron Zelman)




Gun owners need to attract younger people to our beliefs, particularly our belief in freedom. So JPFO is going to try something new. Free music downloads are very popular with teenagers and young adults. We are now offering a page on our site for distributing free downloadable music. Our goal (with your help) is to attract young people to our site for music. Our hope is that while they are visiting, perhaps they will read an alert or article.

If you know a musically-talented child or adult who would like to reach members of the younger generation, we'd like to help share that talent while promoting pro-freedom thinking. Just send us a CD of his or her freedom-related music (MP3 format is fine), and we'll put it on our new music page here at . We started the page with our two versions of "Justice Day," plus six other songs performed by 14-year old Jeremy Zelman. More have been added – more would be welcome.

What's in it for contributors? If a song is chosen for our download page, they will receive recognition and the satisfaction of knowing that they've helped get the freedom message out.

A few rules to note:

  • We only accept high-quality recordings via mailed-in CD.*EMAILED SUBMISSIONS WILL BE DELETED*.
  • Obscene or vulgar music will also be rejected.
  • The songs must be original work or open domain songs.
  • For original songs, we'll place a copyright notice for you on your song for your protection unless you tell us otherwise.
  • Unless specified otherwise, we will credit the performer by name.

Send your CD to:

ATTN: Music Submission
PO BOX 270143
Hartford WI 53027

The more the merrier, so get those submissions rolling!

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