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January 17, 2005


As alert gun owners probably suspected, the incompetence displayed in JPFO's recently obtained footage of the BATFE's attempt to railroad competition shooter John Glover ( barely the tip of the iceberg.

Since announcing the footage earlier this month, we've begun hearing from attorneys, gun owners, and firearms makers from around the world.

Two new and mindbending examples of BATFE tactics have just been posted on our Web site:

1. Ulrich Weigand, president of Inter Ordnance of America, came to the U.S. seeking greater freedom. Instead, he ended up having to spend more than $1,000,000 in legal fees to fight BATFE's typically selective, nonsensical prosecution. His is an all-too-typical story: arbitrary seizure of legal, properly permitted firearms worth $1.5 million; false statements by agents; refusal to return legal property ... yet another attempt to destroy a firearms dealer by committing an Economic Waco against him and his employees. And so far, the BATFE is succeeding. Read the details in his heartbreaking letter to President George W. Bush (

2. If you want to see how far BATFE lunacy goes, and how petty it can become, take a look at a September 2004 letter from Sterling Nixon, chief of the BATFE's Firearms Technology Branch ( In it, he states that a shoestring tied to the trigger of a semi-automatic rifle is a machine gun. Not that the shoestring and the rifle together make a machine gun, mind you -- but that the shoestring itself _becomes_ a machine gun when tied to a trigger to increase the rate of fire.

These people are not just arrogant, incompetent, and brutal. They may not be quite right in the head.


After years of inaction -- and 23 years after a Congressional committee first recommended severely curbing the powers of the BATFE because of its rogue tactics -- gun owners, dealers, and manufacturers are finally gathering the courage and the outrage to fight back. JFPO's footage "BATFE Fails the Test" (provided to us by American hero Len Savage) is some of the first solid evidence ever available that _shows_ BATFE incompetence and injustice, rather than merely describes it.

We must use this powerful evidence and KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING to get the brutal, corrupt, inept BATFE out of peaceable American lives and business.

Order your own copy of this explosive footage ( And USE it to wake up your friends, your local decision-makers, and all those bigwigs who claim to care about gun-rights but stand by twiddling their thumbs while the BATFE jackboots stomp on us all.

The tide is turning ... and we are the only ones who can keep it running in the direction of freedom for American gun owners.

- The Liberty Crew

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