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Alerts - 2010

(please note that websites change frequently - links within articles may be lost over time)

Due to alert archive becoming so large, we have split it into year sections .... see links below

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(Check back on previous year pages for last year's alerts and earlier.)

2010 Alerts

September 3rd 2010  Can The Second Amendment and Islam co-exist? (includes a survey)

August 23rd 2010  What is your line in the sand? (includes a survey)

August 19th 2010  Will There Be an "October Surprise"? (includes a survey)

August 16th 2010  Ambush Ahead!

August 2nd 2010  Will Washington's Failures Lead To Second American Revolution? (includes a survey)

July 22nd 2010  How Many Shots, How Many Gunmen?

July 22nd 2010  We Can Defeat the Schumerites and the ADL.

July 19th 2010  What Do Gun Owners Think About Todayís National Issues? (Survey)

July 16th 2010  The Battle of Athens and Honest Elections.

July 13th 2010  The NAACPís Race Card Rant.

July 8th 2010  Will American Gun Makers Be Patriotic This Time?

July 4th 2010  Paranoia? You Decide

July 3rd 2010  Calling all Gulf Area Gun Owners

July 2nd 2010  Happy July 4th ??

June 28th 2010  Learn about the McDonald decision today

June 27th 2010  O'Reilly Gets an Earful!

June 25th 2010  Bill O'Reilly: Dangerously Stupid or Despicable Liar?

June 23rd 2010  What Will You Do?

June 10th 2010  Obama White House wants your name

June 7th 2010  It's Time for "In Your Face" Tactics

June 2nd 2010  The Government's "Gotcha Gun"

May 31st 2010  Are You an Extremely Patriotic American?

May 27th 2010  Remembering a very special soldier this Memorial Day

May 24th 2010  JPFO Member Aims High

May 10th 2010  "The Day I'll Join The NRA" - follow up

May 6th 2010  Illegals - Rights or No Rights?

May 5th 2010  Obama administration wants to brand gun owners as terrorists

May 4th 2010  "National Security" will stop Firearm sales.

May 3rd 2010  An Open Letter to Ted Nugent

April 22nd 2010  Why Don't They Lie About JPFO?

April 20th 2010  Check out Wisconsin's Al Sharpton wannabe

April 19th 2010  Freedom Haters Still Hear The Shot

April 12th 2010  Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 5th 2010  The Speech Sarah Palin Should Give to the NRA

March 31st 2010  Commentary on "Will there be elections in 2010?"

March 29th 2010  Will there be elections in 2010?

March 22nd 2010  Gov. Tim Pawlenty remains silent On U.N. "Gun Control" shill in his State Government

March 18th 2010  "Bagel Brains" won't like David Codrea.

March 15th 2010  The Bagel Brained Jews of Baltimore are Bleating Vociferously

March 9th 2010  Harsh Reality VS. Pitiful Whining

March 5th 2010  Lampoon a Leftist

March 2nd 2010  Stop The U.N. Stealth Attack on the Second Amendment

February 18th 2010  The Jury is Still out about Police Actions

February 17th 2010  Criminals in Blue

February 12th 2010  The UN Gun Ban Treaty is Closer Than You Think

February 8th 2010  More comments on NRA's Behavior in McDonald

February 4th 2010  NRA Under Gun Owner Scrutiny

February 1st 2010  Does the NRA really want "Gun Control" to die?

January 20th 2010  Will your combat knife cut an ammo can in half?

January 18th 2010  Will the Upcoming Supreme Court McDonald vs. Chicago Decision be Sabotaged?


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