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Previous Alerts - 2001

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2001 Alerts

December 23, 2001 JPFO Year End Progress Report

December 7, 2001 More Headlines from the Anti-gun Propaganda Machine

December 4, 2001 Speech by Representative Ron Paul

December 3, 2001 JPFO's New Documentary -- Get Involved!

November 30, 2001 Let JPFO know how you plan to party on BOR day (Resent as a reminder)

November 27, 2001 Support JPFO by Shopping at

November 18, 2001 Jewish Insanity in the Great Lakes and Golden States

November 17, 2001 WTC Hijackers Obeyed Our Laws Until-

November 16, 2001 To Dr. Laura -- Please Don't Be a Fourth Reich Jew

November 13, 2001 Get it now: Death by Gun Control new book by Zelman & Stevens

November 10, 2001 Remembering Our Veterans

November 7, 2001 Let JPFO know how you plan to party on BOR day

November 2, 2001 NBC to Air the Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

October 31, 2001 New Handy Internet Features on JPFO Web Page

October 28, 2001 Suicidal Fool Who Has No Respect for Christians Writes to JPFO

October 23, 2001 Petition to Attorney General John Ashcroft on Second Amendment

October 19, 2001 Unpopular Speech Proves Popular

October 17, 2001 Are Law-Abiding People Being Fooled? Updated October 18, 2001

October 9, 2001 A Message from Aaron Zelman

October 5, 2001 Teach the Goebbels Graduates a Lesson

September 28, 2001 A message from the president that must be heard throughout the world

September 21, 2001

September 19, 2001 Don't Finance the Murder of the Bill of Rights

September 14, 2001

September 11, 2001 Now Is The Time for Americans to Defend America

September 3, 2001 Do Jewish "leaders" want us all to be victims?

August 15, 2001 A Blueprint for Ending Gun Control

August 6, 2001 Additional Remarks about "On nuclear weapons and the 'well-regulated militia', by Vin Suprynowicz"

August 5, 2001 New merchandise at JPFO Store

August 3, 2001 More On nuclear weapons and the 'well-regulated militia', by Vin Suprynowicz

August 2, 2001

August 1, 2001 On nuclear weapons and the 'well-regulated militia', by Vin Suprynowicz

July 23, 2001 Catch Them In A Whopping Big Lie -- U.N. Style

July 22, 2001 Bill of Rights Special Edition Pistol

July 5, 2001 UN is feeling the heat from US gunowners

June 30, 2001 A print-it-yourself 4th of July poster

June 28, 2001 General Motors Anti-Gun?

June 21, 2001 Seven Myths of Gun Control, by Richard Poe

June 20, 2001 July 14th Protest Rally at UN Headquarters

June 15, 2001 Ruby Ridge: Bill of Rights Enforcement is Now the Only "Healing"

June 13, 2001 What Hath G-d Wrought!

June 12, 2001 Freedom Summit "Where the Great Minds of Modern Freedom Come Together"

June 11, 2001 How would you feel if you no longer feared your government ... ?

June 7, 2001 Horiuchi Decision a Start but there's Danger in the Dissent

May 31, 2001 Source for Info On UN Gun Burning

May 30, 2001 "Only in a Free Society"

May 29, 2001 A Plan for the UN's Gun Burning Party

May 25, 2001 July 9 Is Gun Burning Day at UN

May 15, 2001 Your Support Pays Off: Landmark JPFO Research Is Common Knowledge

May 12, 2001 Don't Let the "Billion-Mom" Lie Win the Info War

April 29, 2001 U.N. Wants Global Gun Ban

April 28, 2001 New CCOPS Alert: Tyranny is Merely "Inconvenient" Say Justices

April 26, 2001 Work Smarter, not Harder! (Gran'pa Jack #7)

April 11, 2001 Redefining Hypocrisy and Chutzpah

March 22, 2001 Rx For "Gun Control"?

March 15, 2001 Who Defends Women Against Campus Rape? College Doctor Prescribes Guns For Self-Protection (Exclusive advance copy for e-mail subscribers of a future Shotgun News column)

March 7, 2001 School Shooting in California....

February 21, 2001 Some Nice Words from a New Member

February 19, 2001 Rabbi Mermelstein reviews Thunder Out of Boston

February 18, 2001 Save Money and Help JPFO!

February 16, 2001 Powell Cozies Up to UN -- Will your gun rights survive?

February 14, 2001 More About Lincoln

February 12, 2001 The Abe Lincoln They Didn't Want You to Learn About in School

February 8, 2001 Guns in Movies: Where Do We Stand?

February 6, 2001 See JPFO's Latest Hypocrite Hanger

February 1, 2001 Second Amendment Supporters Denied Entry to Million Mom March Meeting

January 31, 2001 Do You Oppose Handgun Licensing?

January 30, 2001 A Word of Thanks to Our Supporters

January 19, 2001 We Get Letters

January 17, 2001 Boy Scouts of America

January 14, 2001 We Need Your Help! on a Research Project

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